Benefits of Bonding

There are numerous reasons why it is advantageous to post a bail bond through a licensed bail agent as opposed to paying the entire bail with the county.

Why is it better for the cosigner?

Enormous Financial Savings
Instead of paying the county the full bail amount, you simply pay a bail bond company a small percentage. So long as the defendant appears at their court settings successfully, that’s all you’ll pay. In most cases you can save up to 90%!
The Conditions Of Release Are Up To You
Perhaps you want to help your loved one, but you are concerned that once they are released, they may engage in more harmful behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse. A licensed bail agent can include conditions in the bond contract which can require the defendant to seek assistance upon release.
Protect Your Assets
When you post the full amount of bail with the county, you have no recourse if the defendant acts in bad faith. However, when posting a bond with a licensed bail agent, you can rest assured knowing that they will have slight guidelines to follow which if not abided by, allow the cosigner to take action and in some cases even rescind the bond.
Save Time
Posting bail at the county facilities can be an all-day long event. Posting a bond through Taylor Bail Bonds can allow you to simply submit paperwork and payment and be on your way. Most of the time, a jail release is just a click away!
Payment Options
County facilities only accept cashier’s checks; in person. Taylor Bail Bonds accepts Cash, All Major Credit Cards, and most Cash Apps.
They Are Not Alone
Today’s modern court process can be quite daunting even for defendants with previous experience. When you choose to post a bond with a licensed bail agent, they will guide the defendant through each and every court setting, providing you up to the minute instructions to guarantee success and protect your investment.

Why is it better for the Defendant?

Integrated System
Taylor Bail Bonds integrated system allows immediate communication from the bond company to the defendant in regard to balances, check in schedules, and most importantly all scheduled court settings.
Click Ins
Most bail bond companies require defendants to check in on a weekly basis either by phone call or physical visit. Taylor Bail Bonds sends you a weekly text reminder through our integrated system making check ins easy and unforgettable!
It Takes A Team
Even well-meaning defendants can sometimes miss an appointment or setting which can have massive repercussions including detainment and arrest. You can rest easy knowing that Taylor Bail Bonds is your team mate and can act as your liaison in an emergency.